CASE STUDY – Risk inSight® Exhibition, Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
The exhibition aimed to show risks and highlight why and how they play an increasingly important role in modern societies. It was divided into four thematic sections: identifying risks, living with risks, debating risks and managing risks
THE CHALLENGE: Combine visual and sound installations, photographs, video modeling, interactive interfaces and a documentary film that would interact with a series of scientific contributions to share the researchers' questions with a wide audience. The all, integrated in an architectural space as wonderful as it is complex, such as the Rolex Learning Center located in Lausanne.
MY ACHIEVEMENT: With craftsmanship and attention to detail, I created the graphic supports that enter into a dialogue with the Risk inSight exhibition's audience. The internationally renowned dance company Gilles Jobin enlivened the opening day taking the exhibition to a high sensory level.
© Credit Photos: Migdonia Cuervo / Alain Herzog
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